Website update!! getting ready for the next run of Rollers so things on the site may be a bit off or out of place please stand by… thanks

RidgeRoller Customs Disc Golf Carts and Backpacks

We are changing the disc golf cart experience with the RIDGE, a lightweight backpack you can sit on, and the ROLLER, an innovative, Fabricated in the USA cart, go take a seat on or off the cart.

Update: 6/2/18 Exciting new products coming soon… New Roller frames are back from laser and its time to get fabricating!  stand by we will be Rollin stock out soon.  

The Ridge is a great bag on its own… have a seat with you anywhere you play!

We created the ultimate disc golf cart combo. The sturdy backpack with internal frame and cart frame can support 300 pounds of weight when sitting on the RidgeRoller. With its removable wheels and telescoping SQUARE  handle pole, its super-easy to transport on the ground or in the air.  It tears down in just a minute.

Custom services and products from Ridge Roller Customs!  Let us know what we can do for you!