May 4 2021 We are a 1/4 of the way through june orders! we skip May orders due to a family run greenhouse we work at in May and our time at RRC is shortened. We will be stocked up and ready for orders june 1 for august production, All other orders that are not Roller, R3, or R3 combos are next day shipping. Check out RidgeRoller Cartel on FB, that’s were the most recent updates happen. Thanks you for your support!
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  1. pull out your disc insert

  2. install fenders look for the B on the fender, that goes to the back of the cart, philips screw head goes inside the box

  3. install wheels and tightn them down

  4. insert handlepole till it clicks in and stug up the knob                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             whats included for hardware

  5. 10mm allen included
  6. 4-#10×24 nut and bolts (fenders)
  7. 4-#10×24 nut and bolt and washer (Ridgeroller only)
  8. extra handlepole plug
  9. 2-12mm bolts
  10. tools needed 3/8″ wrench and philips screw driver